Sunday, June 15, 2008

Raspberry fishes

From work on friday- written on scrap paper and put in my purse.

It's 3:53 pm. The most strenuous thing I did lately was print off a sticker to identify a binder. I got another 37 minutes to go. I'm listening to the muchmusic video stream=turn it on by the flaming lips.I bought a bottle of coke last night and I had that and a container of rice for lunch.

why dont' boys eat their vegetables?

flowy skirt plus 57kmh winds + skimpy underwear= breezy!!!!

its 1:10 am on saturday and I think my boyfriend was annoying when I was trying to talk tonight like he didn't care what I was talking about.
whatever. I'm listening to bleeding love. this song is everywhere- I"m going to change it. I feel sort of sick like I shouldn't have drank at all tonight. blah I wish I didn't have to work tomorrow.

friday links I visited.-


eating with strangers .com

semifreddo?? what is this???

"chelsea dagger" the fratellis 2007
stars in the bedroom after the war - music I was listening to on friday

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